Monday, July 5, 2010

Zales Smash and Grab at Edinburgh Premium Outlets

Police say burglars crashed a stolen truck into a Zales jewelry store at the Edinburgh Premium Outlets and made off with bags full of items.

Edinburgh Police Chief Pat Pankey says an inventory on what was taken from the Zales wasn't immediately available after the Friday break-in.

Pankey says the store's alarm sounded about 4 a.m., but the alarm company found no problems in an internal scan. (I would love to know what alarm company they use. If you know please comment below).

Maintenance workers found the damage about 6 a.m. and called police to the shopping center about 30 miles south of Indianapolis.

The burglars apparently first tried to use a stolen car to crash into the store, but couldn't get it to jump the curb. A truck parked at a nearby store was then taken and used.

Below is a great video of a the news story from 24 Hour News 8

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune and 24 Hour News 8

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