Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Will the Tanger Mebane Outlet draw enough customers?

In a recent article in the Winston Salem Journal Britt Beemer, the chief executive of America's Research Group said he doesn't expect the Tanger Mebane Outlet to draw many customers.

"I can't imagine that much of their business comes from that far away," Beemer said.

In response to this, the Journal ran a poll asking "Would you drive an hour or more to shop at an outlet mall?"

I contacted the Journal and here are the results I got from Jameya Porter, Interactive Media Editor/Content Producer JournalNow, Winston-Salem Journal.
The final results of that poll were as follows:
Yes - 190 (54%)
No - 161 (46%)
Total votes: 351
Its an interesting result. With gas prices high and competition for every consumer dollar its hard to entice people to drive an hour to an outlet.
The Journal clearly notes that this is not a scientific survey.
Mark Libell

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