Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give a Happy Thanksgiving to our Employees and Increase Sales

I wanted to take a moment to voice my opposition to opening on Thanksgiving Day. I have worked in retail for over 25 years. Its a difficult and trying profession and we have little time with our families.

Several years ago the outlets started opening at Midnight on Black Friday.

I opposed this, but the industry did it and it was a huge success. Over the next couple years other retailers followed suit and the newness wore off and the results deteriorated.

So.....the outlets started opening earlier... Many started opening  at 8-9pm on Thanksgiving. Other retailers followed.

So what has happened:
  1. We have diluted Black Friday. Many retailers start their sales on Wednesday. There is no sense of urgency or credibility. The result is sales suffer.
  2. We have done a serious disservice to our employees and their family's. They deserve this day with their family's. 
I would like to ask my retail partners to be BRAVE next year and not open until 6am on Black Friday. I believe this will bring the excitement back into Black Friday. It will become an event again and we will all benefit. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Mark Libell

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