Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stephen Jones, legendary millineer, launches two pop up stores in Chic Outlet Shopping Villages

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 - etravelblackboardasia.com

 La Roca Village (Barcelona) and Las Rozas Village (Madrid) launched the Head Over Heels for Spring campaign this season, showcasing accessories. Thus, the two Villages opened pop-up boutiques presenting a handpicked selection of shoes, fascinators and hats crafted by Spain’s leading designers.

This initiative promoting professional artisans is represented by an exceptional ambassador, the world’s best milliner, Stephen Jones, who also acted as a mentor for the participating designers, exchanging opinions and his extensive experience in the world of artistic creation. 5 April, in support of the initiative Jones attended the temporary boutique launch event in Las Rozas Village. He was accompanied by fashion consultant María León and author of the book “Vivir con Estilo”, the project’s participating designers and fashion celebrities such as Clara Courel, Josie y Mónica de Tomás.

Jones, whose career stretches back more than 30 years, has won international acclaim for his originality in designing unique pieces for members of the British Royal Family, celebrities, singers and it-girls worldwide. To celebrate this spring’s campaign, he will be showing a number of his most distinctive pieces at the two Villages.

Names such as Toussete by José Puerta, Mimoki, Pablo y Mayaya, Mabel Sanz, Mariana Barturen, Cristina de Prada, Charo Iglesias, Nina Pawlowski, Fátima de Burnay, Violeta and Co, Conchitta, Rebeca Sanver and Magrit Couture will share space with the amazing designer that is Stephen Jones, offering their pieces to all visitors.

La Roca Village and Las Rozas Village, loyal to their commitment to national fashion, are pleased to offer their international fashion platforms to a selection of designers who create highly exclusive artisanal pieces of exceptional quality in their studios – some alone. Thus, these shoemakers and milliners will have the opportunity to showcase and commercialise their creations in the Villages between 5 April and 31 May in Las Rozas Village, truly unique pieces that give an outfit style and elegance.

The nine Villages that make up the Chic Outlet Shopping® Collection are taking part in this spring’s campaign, offering various activities hoping to convert these accessories objects worshipped by cosmopolitans and fashion lovers.

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