Monday, January 2, 2012

Drive by shooting on Tanger Outlet Drive

Shortly after 3am on New Years Day, officers responded to a drive by shooting on I26.

When officers got to the parking lot of a Tanger Outlet Drive hotel, they were told a vehicle was shot at while driving West bound.  

According to the people in the car, they were at Club Crucial in Dorchester county. During the course of the night, there was some type of altercation in the club.  

All of the victims said they were not involved in the altercation but they knew there was something going on because they were being told to leave. The bouncers at the club said that they did put a lot of people out of the club due to a fight.

The victims left the Club and got onto I26EB heading home to downtown Charleston. They said an unknown car pulled up beside them and started shooting at them.  

The driver pulled off the Interstate in to a hotel parking lot, where police were called.

None of the victims were able to provide any details on the make and model of the suspects vehicle.

The driver, Josh Everett of Charleston was hit by a bullet and taken to MUSC where he was released with non-life threatening injuries. 

The additional occupants were not injured.

During the investigation, portions of I26 EB was closed for about 2 hours. The investigation continues.

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