Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grimaldi's Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria

CROSSROAD CUISINE - My quest to find great local food when I'm on the road.

OK, Vegas is a tough one. Why you might ask am I in search of good food in Las Vegas. After all the casinos are filled with any type of food you want from four-stars to food courts. They cover every possible style, ethnicity and price point.

Well first of all, I hate The Strip. I don't gamble. My office is on 34th street in NYC across the street from the Empire State Building and around the corner from Macy's. I see enough tourists every day of my life, I don't need to see casinos full of them on the road. They are loud. Most of the people are jerks...........Sorry, I tend to rant occasionally about Vegas. I love having stores and doing business there, but I will never go there on my time. So....back to some great food.

Get out of those casinos. Vegas is a big city. There is more to the city than that one boulevard and I found a little piece of home in Las Vegas.

Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria
Boca Park Fashion Village
750 South Rampart Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89145

The original Grimaldi's is on Old Fulton St. in Brooklyn under the Brooklyn Bridge. It is frequently rated one of the top 10 pizza places in America. Frank Sinatra used to eat there. What a better connection between NY and Vegas than Frank. You don't know how happy I was to find a little piece of home on the road.

The coal-fired oven at Grimaldi's Pizzeria delivers a unique flavor and consistency that is just not possible from wood or gas ovens. Its a New York style thin crust pizza.

The decor is nice with lots of great pictures of New York on the walls.

I started with the antipasto. Fresh Mozzarella, Oven Roasted Sweet Red Peppers, Genoa Salami, Olives and Fresh Baked Bread. The black olives and red peppers were really good. The salami was average and frankly the fresh mozzarella was a little bland. This is a small by the way, it also comes in a large.

But the real reason to come is the pizza. I ordered a pie with sausage and roasted red bell peppers. Its a little hard to see in this photo. It looks like there isn't much cheese and a lot of sauce. That's actually the red peppers on top of the cheese. It was AWESOME!! The sausage was outstanding. It had a great thin crust. The sauce was excellent. Really the crust and the sauce make a pizza. So many places make average or terrible sauce. This is real NY italian sauce. The red bell peppers added some nice sweetness and the entire thing was topped with fresh basil.

If that wasn't good enough, wines are 1/2 off all day on Tuesday and guess was Tuesday. That was just a lucky break.

Get out of those casinos and find some truly great New York pizza in Vegas.

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Mark Libell


  1. Beautiful.... the pictures and words were a joy to see and read... :O)

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. So often when you blog its hard to tell if people like what you write.