Thursday, May 27, 2010

500 Things to Eat Before Its Too Late

If you like my Crossroad Cuisine posts then you will love this book. I own it and whole heartily endorse it. I have used this book to find many great places to eat across the country. This is where I found out about Al's #1 Italian Beef and Mario's Italian Ice in Chicago. I discovered Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in LA. Not just great Chicken and Waffles but also where they shot the restaurant scene in the movie Pulp Fiction (not the one where Uma Thurman dances but the one where there is a gun stand-off with Samuel Jackson.) Also, Randy's Donuts which is just a couple miles from LAX. I cant land in LA without getting my donut and coffee here. Its not just LA, Chicago and NY. Its Mississippi, Louisiana, Indiana, Texas, etc.

Seriously, If you travel and you are sick of eating room service, fast food or the standard TGIF/Applebees/etc food then you must have this book. Its small, it will fit in your carry on and is full of great food.

No I haven't eaten all 500.........but I'm working on it.


Mark Libell

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