Sunday, May 12, 2013

Human skeletal remains found near Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets

WOODBURY - Police made more discoveries today surrounding the set of skeletal remains that were found in the woods near the parking lot of the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets yesterday morning.
Authorities say they found more bones and about a dozen items that they believe belong to the person they found on Turner Road off of Route 32.
Officials say two men found a skull and bones which were later confirmed to be human by the Orange County Medical Examiner and a state police forensics team. The remains have not yet been identified. Some investigators have speculated that the smaller remains belong to a female.
Investigators say they believe the person was intentionally placed at the location more than a year ago.
Officials say law enforcement agencies across the country are joining the investigation through multiple missing persons databases and the national crimes database.
Officials say they will have a better idea on the person’s identity and cause of death next week.


Autopsy on human bones found near Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

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