Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Giraffe exhibits set up around Clacton Factory Outlet

6:00pm Friday 7th June 2013 in News - Clacton Gazette

A CLACTON shopping village has been invaded by six unique guests.

Clacton Factory Outlet will host a special exhibition of giant giraffe sculptures throughout the summer.

A giant 2.5 metre-tall giraffe has been created by local artist Ingrid Sylvestre.

Pupils from schools in Clacton and Colchester where challenged to add to the exhibit and have created five 1.3 metre-tall creatures for the display.

The exhibition was organised in celebration of Colchester Zoo’s 50th birthday.

They will be positioned throughout the shopping village for the next 12 weeks to create a mini safari adventure.

Factory outlet manager Allan Hassell said: “We are very honoured to host the giraffe sculptures here at Clacton Factory Outlet throughout the summer.

“It will be a real treat for the public to see what fabulous work has been created.”

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