Friday, June 25, 2010

Log Cabin Bar and Grill

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On my prior visit to The Crossings Premium Outlet I mentioned that The Log Cabin Bar and Grill opened. On that trip I ate at The Barley Creek Brewing Company. I promised that on my next trip I would test out this new restaurant.

Located in The Crossings Premium Outlets
Between Carters and Coach

 The restaurant has an appropriately Pocono Mountain decor.

We started with the Black and Blue Chips. They are described as house made chips topped with melted blue cheese, crumbled bacon and a dash of cayenne pepper.
The chips are home-made as advertised. I personally thought they were cut too thick and were a little too hard. Now that's a matter of opinion, some people may like them that way. I didn't. The dish goes down hill after that. There is virtually no bacon. You can see that in the picture. However the biggest sin is the "melted blue cheese". That's just not true. What is on there is an inexpensive bottle dressing with very little blue cheese. It mostly tastes like Italian salad dressing. I definitely would not order this dish again.

After that I had Camp Fire Burger: melted pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and Tabasco frizzled onions.
They did redeem themselves with the burger. The burger was juicy with a great meaty burger flavor. It was not a premade frozen burger. While the bun was a little big for the burger, it was a good fresh poppy seed bun. The Tabasco frizzled onions were a nice addition. I didn't think the pepper jack cheese, jalapenos and Tabasco onions were too hot....but I like hot food.

You could sub fries for the chips if you wanted, but beware they use Hunts Ketchup not Heinz. You have to use Heinz, it is the best. Frankly I am really surprised because Heinz started in Pennsylvania.

Overall I would say this; its better than the food court in the mall. However the food court in this mall is terrible. If I was here and wanted lunch and didn't have time to leave the mall I would eat here again. However I would still recommend you make the time and drive the short distance to the Barley Creek Brewing Company. Especially if your done working and can try a few of their home made beers.

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