Sunday, December 18, 2011

Food Network Star opens restaurant in Tanger Outlets


It was a star-studded night at the Tanger Outlets in Bluffton as Food Network chef Robert Irvine unveiled his new culinary addition to the lowcountry "Nosh." Irvine says it's important for him to help grow the local economy.

"I'm from South Carolina via the south of England, but what's important to me in the lowcountry is that we have jobs, we can support the charities that are around here, and that people have money, the charities have money, said Irvine."

"Nosh" is the second restaurant Irvine has opened here in the lowcountry, the first is "Eat." He says that South Carolina and its residents are close to his heart.

"There's just a different vibe about South Carolina, the lowcountry has some of the most amazing places, amazing people and amazing food."

And Tanger Outlets manager LaDonna Shamlou thinks this new addition will bring in more foot traffic.

"He has a huge following, I'm a huge fan myself, and we've had numerous phone calls about it and people very excited, so I think it's really going to add a lot to our center here and we're really excited to have him as a partner."

And for Irvine, he hopes his celebrity status will bring in more tourists and more dollars for the lowcountry.

"South Carolina's visited by many many millions of people anyway, but if they've got an added attraction to come here and say I ate at Robert Irvine's "Eat" or "Nosh," great! But as long as they come here, are spending their dollars here, theyre not going anywhere else, we don't care."

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