Monday, August 13, 2012

Water cooler sparks fire at Pottery Barn at Tanger Outlets

Written by Peter Blasl - Riverhead Local

A water cooler caught fire in the storage room at Pottery Barn at Tanger Outlets Tuesday morning.

Riverhead volunteer firefighters repsonded to the scene at about 8 a.m. to find heavy smoke filling the storage room. Firefighters used infrared cameras to see if there were hot spots within the walls and reportedly found burning wires.

Firefighters also set up fans to clear smoke from the bulding, which was evacuated.

Earlier this morning, automatic alarms went off at the two stores on either side of Pottery Barn. Firefighters responded and entered the buildings, but found no fire or smoke within and concluded the fire alarms were malfunctioning.

The smoke from the Pottery Barn storage room could have traveled through the duct work to trigger the alarms at the adjacent stores, officials said. The Riverhead Town fire marshal is investigating.

Firefighters were still at the scene as of 8:45 a.m.

RiverheadLOCAL photos by Peter Blasl

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