Monday, July 8, 2013

Top 5 Summer Morale Boosters

1. Beach Party
Ok, so every company isn't near the beach. That's OK, the point is to take a day and have a small company retreat at the beach or a local park. The cost is little but the return in morale and team building is huge.

2. Summer Hours
Institute summer hours between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Close the office at 3 pm on Fridays. Your employees will love it and you will not loose any productivity. They will work harder to get everything done by 3.

3. Outdoor Work Space
On a beautiful summer day wouldn't you rather be outside. Set up an area outside with picnic tables in an area that has WiFi access. Encourage people to work outside when its nice.

4. Walk and Talk
Get people off their rears and out of the office. Take a walk and talk. You would be surprised how the fresh air and change in venue will inspire new and fresh ideas.

5. Grill Master
One day a week set up a grill on the dock or behind the office and grill up some hotdogs for lunch. The associates would love to see the boss in an apron behind the grill and it will be fun for everyone.

Mark Libell


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