Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chic Outlet Shopping® Announce The Winners Of The ‘Charm Of Christmas’ Young Designers Initiative Competition

Friday, 14 December 2012

Today the Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages have announced the winners of the ‘Charm of Christmas’ design competition for Europe’s most promising creative talents. Students from highly respected design schools across Europe were tasked with the challenge of designing a unique artistic theme for an Art Deco-inspired illuminated Christmas gift box installation, as part of the seasonal campaign that is present in all the nine Villages this year.

The students’ works were presented to an international panel of experts from the world of art and design who considered all the designs before choosing their favourite. Alessandra Rodriguez from Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan, whose designs are on show at Ingolstadt Village, Munich, was awarded first place winning the grand prize of €9,000.

Dearbhla O’Bierne from National College of Art and Design, Dublin, whose work is on display at La Vallée Village, Paris, and Danielle Tallon from National College of Art and Design, Dublin, whose designs are being shown close to home at Kildare Village, Dublin, came in second and third respectively, with Dearbhla winning a trip to New York and Danielle a €1,000 gift card.

Judge Eva Jean Bart-Lorenzotti from the USA said of the winning design: “This designer transcended Art Deco as a source of inspiration and was able to capture a design motif with a strong aesthetic and its own point of view.” British fashion expert, Colin McDowell was impressed with Irish runner-up Dearbhla O’Bierne; he commented: “I find the subtlety of the colours as satisfying as the clever update of the Art Deco angularity. This is really good design that works because it respects and responds to the shape of a box, using every plane simultaneously not only as a canvas and background but as an integral element of the overall impact of the images.”

Royal College of Art student Chloe Gillies, whose designs are also on show at Kildare Village, said that, “The competition was a great opportunity to showcase my work to an international audience”.

Visitors to the Collection of nine Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages in Europe will be able to view the student’s designs, which have all been turned into beautifully illuminated Christmas gift boxes, from now until 28 December.

SOURCE: etravelblackboardasia.com

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